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Bio & Pharma

Dr. Kisa Sung

Dr. Seunghun Han

(Albert Einstein College of medicine)

Title: Cobll1 plays an important role in chronic myeloid leukemia

Dr. Jaegyun Oh

(Icahn School of Medicine at Mt Sinai)

Title: Regulatory mechanisms underlying upregulation of miR-146a in cardiomyocytes


Dr. Juhyun Lee

**recruited Dr. Lee from PKSA**

Title needed here Wednesday, March 5th

Please cc Dr. Juhyun Lee

Dr. Eon Soo Lee

(Mechanical Engineering, NJIT)

Title: Microfluidics-based Point-of-Care Nano Biochip for Disease Diagnosis


Dr. Bongjun Ko

Dr. Chang H. Kim

(Consulting on 5G, wireless technology and strategy)

Title: Wireless Technology Evolution: from 1G to 5G

Dr. Yeonsup Lim

(AI Department in IBM T. J. Watson Research Center)

Dr. Mingoo Seok

(Electrical Engineering Department, Columbia University)

NRC 2019

March 23rd, Sat. 2019

Conference Center, 
7th floor of University Hall Building
Montclair State University
1 Normal Avenue,
Montclair, NJ,  07043