We live in an exciting time unprecedented global innovation of all kinds. Many next gen leaders, coming from first or second generation immigrant backgrounds and or diverse cultural upbringing are caught between the tradition of what they were raised with within their households, cultures and community and a new world that lies beyond what they are familiar with – what lies beyond the “norm.” Two groups emerge: those that choose to remain “normal” in familiarity and those that choose to break the tradition and decide to transcend beyond the “norm.” The latter group often wear multi-hats walking in their unconventional paths as they transcend the norm. We will discuss how such choices play into and correlate with career development, networking skills, self-confidence and satisfaction with one’s career and life.

Raeha Kim, Esq

Millennials Chamber of Commerce (MC2) Founder

Future workplace and Diversity Consultant

Created for economic wellfare, life-quality and cultural wellbeing of our (Global Millennials, Gen Z) generation

Next Gen Workforce Development, Entrepreneurship, public speaking, law and heath and wellness


Raeha is the Founder & CEO of Millennials Chamber of Commerce and Raeha International. As a global thought leader, an entrepreneur and a connector, Raeha utilizes her platforms and professional accolades to empower the Next Generation and Women. She has served as an attorney, author, consultant, speaker and executive coach.

Raeha is an unconventional Korean – American Woman. Finding MC2, short for Millennials Chamber of Commerce, was an organic process that turned into a candid and honest answer to provide a sense of community and belonging for the Next Gen Global Citizens, who, like Raeha, did not seem to “fit-in” in the traditional molds.

MC2 was created as a result of diverse Global Millennials coming together to create one Movement: To improve the economic welfare, life-quality and cultural well-being of Next Gen Professionals with special emphasis on career success.

Raeha has served as a speaker and a thought leader on many global platforms on various topics relating to Future Leadership, Women Empowerment, Millennials, Next Gen Workforce, Bridging Generations, Diversity & Inclusion, Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy and New Media.

Raeha is the recipient of the 2018 Global Humanitarian Award as well as the 2017 Atlanta City Council’s City Proclamation where Millennials Chamber of Commerce Day has been officially recognized the city of Atlanta. In 2018, Raeha has been featured in Chosun Daily, the oldest South Korean newspaper.

Raeha continues to give back by volunteering her time and expertise serving on various boards/advisory boards including the American Red Cross, Alliance of Women Directors & more.

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